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'Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- A Leadership Imperative!'

By Daire Coffey & Deirdre Murray

Now more than ever technical know how, IQ and knowledge are no longer enough to navigate these uncertain and turbulent times. Today’s leaders need to adopt a more collaborative, resilient and compassionate leadership style - one that is underpinned by Emotional Intelligence. In this book Daire and Deirdre explain what EQ is, why it is important and give practicals strategies and tips to develop the 10 key emotional intelligence skills to enhance your overall performance as a leader.

  • Dr Mary Collins
    EQ is an integral part of our talent and leadership programmes. This book presents an often ‘woolly’ topic in a year, logical and interesting way. Highly recommended!
    Dr Mary Collins
    Leadership Academy, RCSI and formerly Head of Talent at Deloitte
  • Caroline Casey
    Never before has Emotional Intelligence been such an integral part of our personal and business life. The beauty of this book is that it offers practical advice and skills necessary to copy positively with the challenging world we live in.
    Caroline Casey
    TED Speaker, Businesswoman, Disability Activist & Award Winning Social Innovator
  • Aidan Connolly
    This book is a practical easy to read guide to Emotional Intelligence with examples of how you can improve not own your own EQ but enhance the performance of your entire team.
    Aidan Connolly
    Vice President, Alltech Biotechnology
  • Dr Simon Boucher
    EQ is widely accepted as the ’sine qua non’ of effective leadership. This book delivers an essential ‘how to’ guide on the subject and practical steps and action panning tools to develop your own EQ in a structured, easy-to-follow manner.
    Dr Simon Boucher
    Chief Executive, Irish Management Institute
  • Greg Swift
    A small practical book that packs a big punch - a must for all current and aspiring entrepreneurs.
    Greg Swift
    CEO, Dublin City Local Enterprise Office
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