What is Coaching?

Coaching is no longer the preserve of the sports elite but is now becoming a key driver for maximising performance in both the business and political world. Put simply coaching is a facilitative process where the coach supports and challenges the individual to raise their self-awareness, set clear goals and maximise their performance to fast-track results and personal fulfilment.

"The work I do with clients is a bit like the work of a sports coach. It’s their game. I help them discover and implement small tweaks that will amplify their impact and influence, bringing greater personal and professional fulfilment."

Executive Coaching provides time to think. Crucially, it offers space away from the office with complete confidentiality to explore important issues and enable strategic and leadership breakthroughs

Typical Coaching Themes

  • Managing Transition into a New Role/C-Suite
  • Building  Resilience & Wellbeing
  • Enhancing Personal Influence and Impact
  • Managing Challenging Conversations/Feedback
  • Developing Strategies for Working Smarter Not Harder
  • Enhancing Team & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Building Your Network/ ‘Personal Boardroom' of Advisors
  • Adopting a More Strategic Mindset
  • Developing  Emotional Intelligence 

Daire's Approach

Daire has a warm engaging style blending a wealth of commercial practical acumen (having ‘worn the shoes’ at senior management level) with latest coaching and mentoring models underpinned by psychology, neuro/behavioural science. She is passionate about learning, sharing her knowledge and practical insights to develop others to their potential.


Benefits of Coaching

  • A trusted sounding board to facilitate fresh thinking and new perspectives
  • Increased self-awareness & engagement
  • Ability to communicate with more influence and impact with your team
  • Greater clarity around purpose and goals
  • Increased confidence and fulfilment in your role
  • Improved productivity and wellbeing

Coaching Process

Typically each coaching assignment involves 4-6 sessions with breaks of about 3-6 weeks depending on the brief.

  • 1. Initial Chemistry Chat

    To establish context of situation and what the client wants to get out of the coaching.
  • 2. Self-Awareness Assessment

    Leadership & Team Assessment tools may be used to review and reflect on values, beliefs and leadership style. This may include a 360 assessment.
  • 3. Identify Key Goals

    We identify one or two key goals and outcomes you would like to work on, explore what success might look like and equip you with appropriate resources and tools to fast track your journey.
  • 4. Monitoring/Check-Ins

    During follow up sessions we review progress and explore any tweaks that need to be made. This valuable time between sessions is used to test out new approaches and strategies.
  • 5. Evaluation

    At the end of the coaching sessions we evaluate key learnings and progress made.
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